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  • Start:
    February 13, 2017
  • End:
    February 11

Let’s Build The Wall!

Are You Concerned About Illegal Immigration And Drugs Pouring Across Our Southern Border? Now Is The Time To Take Action! America Has A Front Door And We Expect All Immigrants To Respect Our Country And Be Vetted Properly. If You Agree, Please Do Your Part And DONATE…To Help Support The Funding For Our WALL. Every Dollar Gets Us Closer To A More Secure America! You Can See What Your Donations Are Doing By Checking Back Here At Any Time. We Will Be Posting Photos And Videos Of The Progress Frequently Along The Journey. STAY TUNED!

America First Foundation


     Vision Statement:

America First Foundation was created to make America a better and safer community for all of its Citizens.

     *A National Movement to “Fund the Wall”.

     *Americans pulling together to do their part in Securing America’s Borders.

     *Monitor our progress: A nation coming together for a greater cause.

  • America First was organized by ordinary people concerned with our national border security in particular; the US/Mexico Border. With your help, we can ease the cost and possibly eliminate the likelihood of a federal tax increase and improve US/Mexico relations all together.

     *Advantages of this campaign:

  • Saves Taxpayer money
  • Builds trust between the US and Mexico
  • Builds American Pride
  • Facilitates drug prevention

     Minimize illegal immigration on our southern border:

  • On average, 4.5 Million illegal immigrants from Mexico enter the US annually.
  • It benefits ALL Americans to have a secure border minimizing Drugs and Illegal Immigration coming into our country.
  • Further securing our southern border will greatly minimize the amount of illegal drugs pouring into the country at an alarming rate.
  • It Save Lives: Approximately 50,000 Americans die each year from illegal drugs coming across the US/Mexico Border.

     Fair immigration and legalization:

  • Here in America we welcome immigrants from all nations as we ourselves all stem from immigration. The America First Foundation believes that everyone in this nation should have fair and equal opportunity to live free and prosper. We also believe that everyone that enters our nation should come in through the Front Door. Coming through the Front Door and vetting immigrants to enter our great nation allows for a safer and more secure America benefitting us all. No one should Back Door our wonderful country and undermine it and our fellow citizens.


  • Organizer